Current Projects

Current Projects 

This year, MIP was able to send two teams of visiting professors to train medical personnel in three of South Africa’s busiest hospitals. A third visiting professor was sent to Kabanga Hospital in Tanzania to provide further training on the ultrasound machine MIP donated to their facility late last year. By establishing an ultrasound research and training center in that region, our long term goal is to be able to expand the breadth of imaging services they currently provide and increase the patient population they serve by providing them with additional equipment and more specific ultrasound training, not only to the medical staff of Kabanga Hospital, but to the surrounding localities as well. 

While MIP is on a progressive path to Enhancing Global Health Through Imaging, there is still so much work that needs to be done. Currently, we are looking for additional funding for our priority projects in Tanzania, Sarajevo, Mexico, and Cambodia. Will you consider making a special gift to Medical Imaging Partnership as we continue to strive to render and improve health care services worldwide?  Your contribution is tax deductible under the public charity 501(c) (3) and can be made online. 

Please think about every image we can make, every doctor we can train, and every life we can improve, with your gift. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated and will definitely make a difference!


Sarajevo School of Ultrasound 

Medical Imaging Partnership To Create US Research Center for Balkan Region

The city of Sarajevo will serve as a regional hub for MIP’s mission to Enhance Global Health Through Imaging and will be headed by Dr. Vesna Sarajilic in conjunction with Dr. Vikram Dogra, founder and chairman of Medical Imaging Partnership. MIP recently donated a GE Logic-i portable ultrasound machine, the first of four machines to be housed in this center. The machine was equipped with five transducers including a linear, abdomen, and stick probes which will enable virtually any kind of ultrasound examination needed in clinical practice.
The research center will help address medical imaging needs for underserved populations in all of the Balkan states which includes Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Montegegro. Through the establishment of this center, MIP hopes to train imaging professionals from the region annually, thus helping to serve the needs of up to 48,000 patients every year.

MIP has committed to sending at least 2 faculty members to Sarajevo every year to teach at the MIP Research Center. Each faculty member will stay in Sarajevo for up to two weeks. If you are interested in volunteering your time to assist with this very special project, please contact Dr. Dogra at





Medical Imaging Partnership has joined hands with people of Uganda

Medical Imaging Partnership has donated a new, highly advanced GE Logic-i ultrasound machine to Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (ECUREI) in Kampala, Uganda. The machine equipped with four transducers enables almost every kind of ultrasound examinations in clinical practice.

Dr.Ahmet Tuncay Turgut, MD, from the Radiology Department of Ankara Training and Research Center in Turkey visited Uganda from 2nd to 6th May 2010 to deliver the Ultrasound machine and also train the local physicians, sonographers, nurses and midwives on behalf of Medical Imaging Partnership.

Dr. Ahmet Tuncay Turgut, conducted, in conjunction with ECREI WFUMB/WHO COE in Ultrasound Training, a half-day training seminar at Mengo Hospital on genitourinary imaging, which included lectures on prostate imaging and Hands-on sessions. The course was very successful and was attended by 40 participants. "I was deeply impressed by the great enthusiasm and interest of the participants/students, and from scientific point of view it was really a great pleasure to have a prolonged and detailed discussion after the lectures with such a highly motivated audience", Dr. Turgut said. He also gave a conference in Mulago hospital at Makerere University to a similar audience. "I am fully convinced that my efforts for people of a  country in such poor and difficult conditions is worth", he added.

Uganda, with 30 million population, has less than 30 radiologists. The US and few CT machines they are using are quite old, and there is only one 0.2 Tesla MR machine all over the country. The funding of the health system by the government is very limited. The infant mortality rate is quite high, and people have great difficulty in having access to proper healthcare. There is almost no social security system, and the modern imaging equipments are almost lacking in these devastating conditions. The progress in imaging facilities in medical institutions is quite slow, and even the old-fashioned x-ray units are not working properly in some centers.

We would like to thank to Dr. Kawooya and his co-workers in Kampala for their great hospitality during the visit.

Ultrasound machine donated to Mengo Hospital in Kampala by the Medical Imaging Partnership, a public charity with a mission "To promote better health through Imaging". This organization is based in USA.

Ultrasound machine donated to Mengo Hospital in Kampala by the Medical Imaging Partnership, a public charity with a mission "To promote better health through Imaging". This organization is based in USA.

Professor Ahmet Turgut of Ankara, Turkey, donating the new ultrasound machine, on behalf of Medical Imaging Partnership, to Associate Professor Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde, M.D., Chair of Radiology Department at Kampala Hospital, Uganda.

Medical Imaging Partnership is proud to partner with Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E) much before the tragic event of earthquake disaster.

H.O.P.E is working in Borgne providing: Healthcare, education and economic development.

One of Borgne's most serious health risks is found in childbirth and postnatal care. As an example, one of every eight children born in Haiti does not live to see the age of five. Many mothers die of post-partum complications. Medical Imaging Partnership has joined hands with HOPE Haiti to provide Ultrasound Imaging assistance in antenatal care, postpartum care and newborn imaging, as well as general abdominal and pelvic imaging. We have donated a new Sonosite machine with very advanced features for imaging. Dr.Robert Harris, MD, MPH from the Radiology Department of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire traveled to Borgne from 4th to 13th Jan 2010 to deliver the Ultrasound machine and also train the local physicians and nurses. Medical Imaging Partnership will be sending additional radiologists and sonographers to continue to train the local physcians in the field of ultrasonography during the next several years.

Borgne is a subsistence agriculture and fishing community situated on Haiti's northern peninsula. The population of Borgne and the surrounding villages and habitations that is served by the local hospital is estimated at 80,000. Located about thirty miles west of Cap Haitien, on the north coast of Haiti, it is accessible only by one unpaved, rutted road that is barely passable even in dry weather. They have seen a significant influx of people and patients from the earthquake disaster that occurred in southern Haiti, principally Port au Prince. This hospital is run largely by the contributions of H.O.P.E. Haiti and a small amount of funding by the Haitian government. It is maintained by a staff of 4 full time general physicians and approximately 20 nurses and support staff. The next goal regarding imaging is to help them acquire a radiographic unit. Please consider a donation to Medical Imaging Partnership to help them realize this.


A patient being scanned with new ultrasound machine

Bob Harris, MD in Haiti, teaching sonography

Bob Harris,MD donating a new ultrasound machine on behalf of Medical Imaging Partnership

Bob Harris,MD in Haiti with his daughter

Dr.Xavier in Haiti Clinic