Medical Imaging Partnership


Medical Imaging Partnership exists to provide access to equipment, expertise, training, and encouragement to local organizations in developing countries with special emphasis on Africa and Latin America. Specifically: Provide equipment, or funds to purchase or lease equipment for use in clinical practice or in training. Provide training in radiology theory, and practice. Provide training in practice management, equipment maintenance, and organizational development.


By 2020, target countries will have sustainable radiology practices with equipment, training, staff, and funding sufficient to provide on-going diagnostic and interventional radiology services: With diagnostic capability at or above the median quality level of the closest developed countries in their region (QUALITY), Providing diagnostic radiology services with equal skill and access to classes and races of people that reflect the general population statistics of the area in which they serve. (ACCESS TO CARE).

Long Term Strategy

Medical Imaging Partnership will pursue these ends through a strategy of investment in long-term relationships, preferring engagements that span periods of years more than a short-term project orientation. Medical Imaging Partnership may pursue some short-term projects opportunistically, but will prefer long-term engagements in most cases.

Target Country Champions

Medical Imaging Partnership identify target country champions, volunteer radiology professionals (clinical or industry experience), who will be the primary relationship owners between Medical Imaging Partnership and the target country organization and staff. They will serve as friend, advocate, and coach, matching Medical Imaging Partnership resources, with target country needs.

Other Activities

Medical Imaging Partnership will: Nurture relationships with donors of funds and equipment Recruit and train volunteers Hire staff Pursue other activities that generally support the mission.